Non Joiners / Nomination / Successful Letters

Female Lecturer Pakistan Study (Bps-17) (General: 12, Minority: 02, Disable Quota: 01,) In Higher Education Department. Advt.06/2021 Sr.2 (A)(Xxx) B (Xii), C (Ix).
REVISED: Male ASDEOS/ ADEOS (BPS-16) (General: One Hundred & Twenty Three (123), Minority Quota: Four (04) And Disable Quota Three (03), In Elementary & Secondary Education Department Advt: 09/2019 Sr.05 (A,B.C.)
Analyst (Bps-17) In Environmenal And Protection Agency (Forestry , Environment & Wildlife Department. Advt: No. 08/2019, S. No.08
Male Assistant Professor Urdu (Bps-18) In Directorate General Of Commerce Education And Management Sciences Advt.03/2018 Sr.95
Male Lecturer Pak Study (Bps-17) (General: 26, Disable Quota: 02, & Minority Quota: 03,) In Higher Education Department. Advt.06/2021 Sr.1 (A)(Xx), (B)(Xiii), (C)(Xi).
Male Lecturer Pak Study (Bps-17) In Commerce College. Advt.04/2021 Sr.25
Instructor Islamiyat (Bps-17) In Dirctorate Of Agriculture (Extension) Agriculture Department. Advt.09/2019 Sr.03
Sub Divisional Forest Officers (Bps-17) (Twenty Three (23) To General And Four (04) To Minority Quota) In Forestry, Envir: & Wildlife Department, Advt.10/2019 Sr.12,(A,B).
Forest Rangers (Bps-16) (General Quota: Five (05) , Minority Quota: One(01) In Forestry, Envir: & Wildlife Department, Advt.03/2020 Sr.10,A,B.
Pharmacist (Bps-17) (Eighteen (18) To General, Two (02) To Female, And One (01) To Minority Quota). In Health Department. Advt.02/2020 Sr.13, (A.B.C).

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